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New home innovations help consumers weather the storm
Learn how the latest technology can protect your home from wet weather and storms.
How to be a sun-savvy super hero for your family
Protecting skin from sun damage is important throughout life. Parents can help kids establish sun-safe habits with these fun summer activities.
Eight ways to get the most out of your trip to the farmers market
Get the most out of your trip to the farmers market with these eight valuable tips.
Great-looking, flavorful veggies are also good for your eyes
Summer's best-looking, best-tasting vegetables also deliver abundant nutrients that are good for your eyes.
Four eco-friendly car tips to get you back on the road
Regular maintenance is not only good for your car, it can be good for the environment as well. Find out how.
Kick-start kids' summer with shoe-shopping tips for parents
When it comes to the health of your children, you do everything you can to help them grow up strong. Are you aware of the important role foot health plays in a child's overall development?
Composite or wood? Myth-busting facts to know before you decide on a deck
Myths persist about composite decking. Here are the facts homeowners should know before deciding on composite or wood for a deck.
Parents: Put the brakes on kids' summer 'brain drain'
Summer drains an average of two months worth of math skills from the brain of the average student, studies show. Parents can help halt "summer brain drain" by keeping kids' minds active with science, technology, engineering and math summer programs.
Greener grilling: Good for you and for Mother Nature, too
Grill greener with earth-friendly fuel options, better ingredients, sustainably sourced seasonings and these grilling tips.
Mowers, chain saws and high-ethanol gas: safety tips for consumers
Whether you're beautifying your landscape with a lawn mower and hedge trimmer or using a chain saw to clear space for that deck you've always dreamed of, it's important to take proper care when using outdoor power equipment.
Stepping out for spring? People with diabetes should check their feet first
For those with diabetes, regular exercise helps increase circulation and is a critical part of staying healthy. But, before lacing up your sneakers, remember these important steps to ensure your feet are in shape.
Deer dangers you don't know - and what to do about them
Deer damage to bushes, blooms, shrubs and gardens can be annoying at best and costly at worst, but deer can pose other, more serious, risks to the safety of your home and family. A pro-active approach can help protect your home from deer dangers you don't know.
Car care tips from a lady who professionally takes hers through the dirt and mud
Learn 10 easy ways to keep your car running at the top of its game from a person who routinely puts her vehicle into extreme conditions.
Planning the perfect Easter egg hunt
If you don't have an Easter egg hunt to attend in your community, consider planning your own and inviting all the neighbors to participate. Here are some tips for planning the perfect Easter egg hunt:
Put a little 'spring' in your seasonal recipes
Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli offers three light recipes that are perfect for any spring get together. Which one is your favorite, try them all and decide.
Get spring off to a fresh start with these easy cleaning tips
Seventy-two percent of Americans make spring cleaning an annual task, so use these easy cleaning tips to get your project started.
Rolling into spring: 10 dirtiest dogs in America
Sure-fire laundry tips to make your kids' clothes last longer
Taking care of your kids' clothing can be a non-stop, dirty business. All that running around, sliding into home plate and puddle jumping can wear out more than just your kids' shirts and pants. It can also leave parents feeling like they're constantly catching up on laundry and continuously replacing faded, stained or worn-out clothing. Fortunately, a few simple tricks can help make laundry less of a chore, extend the life of children's clothes and even your budget.
Avoid tax identity theft and keep your information safer this tax day
For a growing number of Americans, the tax nightmare is just beginning. These people will not receive a refund or pay for taxes due, because in the eyes of the IRS, they've already filed a return. Except, they haven't - an identity thief has.
Green spring cleaning ideas that are kind to Mother Nature
It's not necessary to use harsh chemicals and toxins to achieve a cleaner, fresh-smelling home this spring. Homemade cleaning products and earth-friendly tactics can help you clean green. Here are green cleaning ideas and a supplies list that will make Mother Nature happy.
Spring has sprung: tips for getting outside to play
After being cooped up during one of the most brutal winters in recent memory, families are eager for warmer weather so they can get outside and play. Research shows that play is an important part of children's physical, emotional and intellectual development. Here are some ideas to help make outside activity part of your family's regular routine.
Expert tips for navigating tax-season changes
With the deadline for filing taxes fast approaching and many changes that occurred thanks to legislative and legal decisions, tax filers will want to keep these caveats in mind.
Three-room makeover takes homes from simple to sensational this spring
Spring is the season of new beginnings, so is it any wonder that many Americans think about home improvement and brightening their decor when the weather warms? Simple updates can bring the cheerful perspective from the outside indoors, and revive any room just in time for warmer weather.
Spring cleaning your medicine cabinet? Simple steps to cut cabinet clutter
As temperatures warm and flowers blossom, Mother Nature's renewal often inspires us to refresh our own surroundings. It's officially time for spring cleaning, but as you focus on scrubbing floors, refreshing draperies and dusting every surface in sight, don't forget about one area critical to your health and happiness: your medicine cabinet.
Spring into the season: Great dishes and flavors to celebrate spring's arrival
When spring finally arrives, we gladly shed heavy coats and snow boots. Meals, too, lighten up with warmer weather, as we leave behind hearty soups and heavier meals in favor of more sprightly and seasonal fare. Spring celebrations - from Easter brunches to graduation dinners - are great opportunities to revisit old favorites and try something new.
Five things you should know about spring allergies
April's showers bring May flowers but they also bring on sneezing, runny noses and watery eyes for some of the 50 million Americans with allergies. The spring allergy season begins in some regions of the country as early as February and can last into the summer months.
Eight tips to get your lawn mower ready for spring
With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to tune up your lawn mower for the season ahead. A yearly tune-up is important to ensure all parts of your mower are functioning properly and safely. Use these eight tips to rev up your engine and get your mower ready for spring.
Six ways to kick your lawn's grass this season
For most all of us, springtime can't come soon enough. Following a brutal winter with severe temps and record snowfall nationwide, people are more anxious than ever to enjoy the first days of spring outdoors.
Embrace spring early with fresh DIY home and landscaping projects
People across the country are feeling the winter blues after an unusually cold and snowy winter. But with warmer weather arriving soon, you can create a feeling of spring indoors and out with some simple do-it-yourself projects.
For small lawns, choose smart tools that get the job done quickly and store away neatly
Small lawns have many of the same needs and issues as larger lawns, but they don't always require the same bulky tools to get the job done. A smart arsenal for small lawn care includes some sturdy hand tools and a few small, but powerful, gadgets. If you're looking to outfit your arsenal, consider these tools.
Must-have luxury upgrades for your over-the-top deck
Some home improvements are simply worth a larger investment to achieve outstanding results. The extra investment ensures optimum returns in value, beauty and livability. Indoors, kitchens and baths rate that extra attention. Outdoors, decks are the pinnacle of great home improvements.
Beauty tips to beat the cold and refresh for spring
Winter weather can notoriously wreak havoc on skin and hair. While waiting for spring to arrive, a few easy adjustments to your beauty routine can help you look fabulous on even the dreariest of days, and ensure that you are looking your best when the weather warms up.
Crave beyond-the-beach excitement? Four must-try vacation ideas
Heading on vacation? This year, instead of settling for just sitting on the beach, think about embarking on an experience-based adventure.
Get your glitz on: How to add pizzazz to your Oscar party this year
Awards season will soon come to a crescendo with the airing of the Oscars March 2. Celebrities are gearing up to hit the red carpet and crossing their fingers that they come home with an award. You and your guests can feel like part of the experience too. Bring the elegance and excitement of the Academy Awards into your home this year by kicking your party up a notch with just a few small tweaks.
Prepping tips for spring outdoor projects
Soon, winter will be winding down and homeowners will start planning - and prepping for - a variety of outdoor projects for spring. From cleaning, repairing or replacing decks, to creating raised beds for veggies and flowers, now is the time to start gearing up for those spring projects.
Save money without skimping on style on your kitchen remodel
Home remodel projects don't have to require an extensive budget, or look cheap when using less expensive materials. If you're interested in updating the look of your kitchen this year, you can find products and materials that allow you to create a beautiful and stylish home without paying a high price.
Making security a priority during the busy holiday of hearts
Valentine's Day is a busy day for many small-business owners - especially those who cater to the love and romance industries. While tech and big-box retailers have "Black Friday" in November, businesses like florists, candy shops and restaurants may experience "Pink Friday" on February 14, with significant influx in sales and foot traffic.
What to expect in travel in 2014: Big sporting events drive interest in this year's hottest locations
Where's everybody going? The travel forecast for 2014 points to destinations inspired by a whole lot of sportsmanship and team spirit. Hot spots expected to trend this year include North American ski resorts catering to travelers looking for an Olympic experience closer to home before, during and after the games; and Brazil, inspired by World Cup fever.
Is it better to look good or feel good? Both, when you're pondering pedicures
Whether you're getting ready for a romantic evening out, or looking ahead to when sandal days are back again, treating your feet to a pedicure can help you look and feel your best - as long as you keep foot health front of mind.
Caring for spring and summer skin
Dry skin can be a challenge at any time of year, even as spring and summer increase the humidity in the air. As the largest organ of the body, the skin should be well cared for and protected.
Paralympic alpine skier breaks barriers on the slopes
Ralph Green was a well-rounded junior athlete. He excelled as a football quarterback and basketball point guard for his high school in Brooklyn, N.Y. His life dramatically changed at the age of 15 when a gunshot wound in the back resulted in the amputation of his left leg from the hip down. Today, Green, 36, is the first African-American male to make the U.S. Paralympic Alpine Skiing National Team.
Lovestruck: How to give a Valentine's Day gift perfect for her unique personality
Whether it's a couple's first date, a pair of love birds in their honeymoon phase or a husband and wife team enjoying 50 years of married bliss, Valentine's Day serves as a reminder of the affection shared with a special someone. For the Valentine who is truly one of a kind, find a gift that perfectly suits her unique personality. She'll love the presents and appreciate the thought that went into finding that perfect gift, just for her.
Top fashion tips for spring and summer
Spring is here - time to start planning your warm-weather wardrobe updates. To help you stay on top of the trends for spring 2014, the experts have plenty of advice to share.
Crucial steps needed for healthy and safe homes in 2014
The winter season may have passed, but for much of the country, cold temperatures will linger, causing families to keep the furnaces running and fireplaces burning. Because of this, education about and protection from residential fire and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning become increasingly important.
Top men's grooming experts offer tips for surviving the harsh winter weather
Most guys spend very little time paying attention to personal grooming and, as the winter months roll in, this can have a direct impact not just on how they look, but how they feel. To help men stay one step ahead in the grooming game, Dove Men+Care has a panel of men's grooming experts to offer five simple tips every guy can follow this winter:
Flip-flops and snow don't mix: Winter foot-health advice
The holidays are over, but most regions of the country face a few more months of winter. Whether you're slogging through deep snow and sub-zero temperatures in the north, or contending with dampness, chill and muddy conditions in the south, it's important to take care of your feet all winter long. You'll want them to be healthy and ready for action when spring finally arrives.
How to keep your kids active during the winter months
As the holidays wind down, so do the temperatures. As a parent, you know your kids can get restless in the winter months while they're cooped up inside. It's tempting to let the tablets and video games provide hours of entertainment, but it's important that kids stay active to keep their minds and bodies healthy. With a little creativity, you can keep your kids moving and prevent the winter blues.
Personalized Valentines that last all year long
Valentine's Day is full of expectations, so how do you show your unique appreciation and love by doing the same thing everybody else does on that same exact day? The answer: You don't. With a little thought, you can show you care all throughout the year.
Pamper your feet, now, in preparation for sandal season
Right now the last thing you probably have on your mind is the condition of your feet. But time passes quickly. Before you know it, the temps will be rising, and you'll be digging in the back of your closet for sandals. Will your feet be ready for their reintroduction to society?
Look for the seal for safe children's products
Your children's safety is your top priority. You heard from the experts and you've read the books to ensure you're providing them with the right clothes and the proper food. But what about the baby products they use every day? How do you know they're safe?
It's OK to cry: Expert tips for creating an emotionally charged Valentine's Day card for your man
With the onslaught of roses, hearts and cherubs, it's easy to think Valentine's Day is all about women, but men deserve something special too. You don't need to gift luscious chocolates or a new designer watch to get the ultimate Valentine's Day reaction. This year, more women are thinking ahead to create customized cards for their beaus that truly speak from the heart - and men are responding with tears of joy.
Budget-friendly ideas for creating an impressive entertaining space
Between sports games, upcoming winter holidays and fast-approaching New Year's parties, there are many reasons to celebrate with friends and family. Now is the perfect time to create an impressive entertaining space in your home, before the season gears up. The good news is, with a few simple strategies, it's easy and affordable to create the perfect gathering area for your loved ones.
Keep your hair shiny and bright this year
Holiday festivities may be over, but that doesn't mean you can slack on hair care. Starting each day with a great 'do can help you face winter challenges with a shiny, bright spirit.
Four simple tips to achieve your New Year's resolutions
The new year is here and it's time to tackle your resolutions! You've set your goal, and now is the time to take action. Following a few simple tips can help you kick start your healthy habits and inspire you to achieve your goals this year.
New year, new holistic skincare routine
The new year is an ideal time to set goals surrounding personal health, fitness and wellness. As many goal-setters know, setting realistic resolutions that one can keep is a challenge, but taking a holistic approach to health - which includes everything from skincare and diet to working out and maintaining a balanced lifestyle - ensures that resolutions turn into results.
Tips to keep you trekking this winter
Winter is in full swing, and with the magical season come the potentially unpleasant snow, ice and slippery conditions that can make driving a challenge. But, even in this less-than-ideal driving weather, Americans are ready to take on what Mother Nature throws their way. Even though 63 percent of Americans say icy roads are their top winter driving concern, 76 percent also say they are comfortable driving in snow, according to Hankook Tire's Winter Gauge Index.
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