Sunday, May 26, 2019  
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KNOXVILLE (AP) — Gov. Phil Bredesen on Tuesday said a tax pledge to be distributed by income tax opponents to candidates for the state Legislature and governor's office is simply "political posturing."

Tennessee Tax Revolt, a leading anti-tax advocacy group, has named a task force to promote the Tennessee Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which states in part that the signee will "vigorously oppose and vote against a state income tax."

Tennessee Tax Revolt spokesman Ben Cunningham said candidates who don't sign the pledge will have their names listed on the organization's Web site.

"The primary election day in Tennessee is just one year away," Cunningham said. "The sooner Tennesseans know where their elected officials stand on this important issue the sooner potential opponents who disagree with their policy position can get started on offering an alternative."

In particular, Cunningham said Bredesen should let the public know his stance on an income tax before his second term.

"When Gov. Phil Bredesen sought election four years ago he indicated he would not support an income tax in his first term,"' Cunningham said. "Now is the time for the governor to take a stand, in clear and unequivocal terms, on a state income tax."

The governor made his position clear on Tuesday.

"I am against an income tax and frankly I think that over the last three years we have shown that we don't need one," said Bredesen, after signing a bill that increases penalties for child abuse. "To have somebody trying to reignite this issue, I think it is pure political posturing."

The task force is made up of community leaders and lawmakers who have opposed an income tax.
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